Print Info

Unlike many other photographers, I do not print limited editions. Each photograph is unique, and there is only one final print that exists. This means that every piece is not so much a print as an individual work of art – existing as one unique piece. 

No two pieces are printed from the same original exposure. 

While every precaution is made to take the best photograph possible, all images printed, especially those at the macro scale, may be refined in Photoshop to ensure their perfection. For example, every speck of dust can appear as a hulking white blob at the macro scale. 

As each image is a single and unique edition, the purchaser can decide which size they desire to purchase, and if they would like it cropped or oriented in a specific way (portrait, landscape, or square).*

Please contact me directly to inquire about a print’s availability and its price. The price depends on what size you want and whether if you’d like it framed or not.

All prints are digital chromogenic prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Digital Paper.

*Please do note that the copyright, all licenses of the image, and its digital version remain property of Christine M. O’Donnell

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